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  • $85

    Lise Aronia  Luxury  body oil (250ml )

    Also comes in Shimmer

    Rich luxury oil,glides on the skin with a moisturizing & penetrating effect for a smoother skin texture. Made With ancient Korean Beauty oils ingredients.


    It’s our Strongest luxury skin body oil  in the Lise skincare range.


    Designed for tougher skin types: Infused with Whitening enzymes AHA & glutathione for a quick lightening radiance for stubborn skin and tough areas of the body like underarms , dark inner thighs , dark hands , dark feet or elbow.


    Aronia body oil can be used on all skin types especially on skin that’s tough to respond to skin lightening products.

    Use 2x daily . Results are visible in as little as 7days to 10days

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  • $65

    Lise Organic Caviar body oils hydrates and moisturizes your skin. Blended with essentials oils to improve your skins glow. Best used when your body is still slightly wet from the shower .
    Get the Glow with Lise Caviar oil in Regular or Rosè caviar oil .


    ● Reduces Stretchmarks
    ● Eliminates dark spots caused due to UV rays and age.
    ● Natural beauty oil for face and body.
    ● Light and quick to absorb in the skin.
    ●Works effectively on dark patches
    ● Prevents new spots from forming.
    ● Gives an even skin tone.
    ● Suitable for all skin types :
    For Men , women & kids

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • $65

    Lise Gardenia oil is a face & body Botanical oil obtained from plants. Produced with organic oils that are extracted from the root, leaves, stem/bark, flowers & seeds. Most of these oils contain proteins, minerals and vitamins.

    Regular topical use of Lise Gardenia oil will help to feed and nourish your skin, assisting with healthy skin elasticity, help maintain and Give you a healthy skin glow and helps to soothe dry & normal irritated skin due to the properties it contains that enriches the skin with needed antioxidants.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

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