Aronia Luxury Oil with shimmer


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Lise Aronia  Luxury  body oil (250ml )

Also comes in Shimmer

Aronia Luxury lightening oil.

Do you have dark patches on your skin?

Dark knees?

Dark under arms?

Dark elbows ?

Dark private areas?

It Helps to correct skin discolorations and hyper-pigmentation.


Apply 2x daily. Combine with Aronia luxury soap for quicker results.


Rich luxury oil,glides on the skin with a moisturizing & penetrating effect for a smoother skin texture. Made With ancient Korean Beauty oils ingredients.


It’s our Strongest luxury skin body oil  in the Lise skincare range.


Designed for tougher skin types: Infused with Whitening enzymes AHA & glutathione for a quick lightening radiance for stubborn skin and tough areas of the body like underarms , dark inner thighs , dark hands , dark feet or elbow.


Aronia body oil can be used on all skin types especially on skin that’s tough to respond to skin lightening products.

Use 2x daily . Results are visible in as little as 7days to 10days

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