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  • $45
    This is specially formulated for dark knuckle, knee and elbows clarification and rejuvenation. It effectively reduces dark areas of the skin from 7 days. It gentle lightens and exfoliates your skin.

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  • $125

    Lise 3 piece knuckle kit consists of . Want to eradicate dark embarrassing hands ‘ this is the best kit for treatment. Treatment duration takes 7 to 12days.

    lise knuckle roller oil : helps to deeply exfoliate dark areas on the skin

    lise knuckle scrub: Helps to smoothen and reduce texture of skin to help with better exfoliation on skin

    Lise hand eraser lotion: Helps lighten ans balance the discoloration of knuckles,elbows, knees and feet.

    How To: use knuckle oil, Eraser & scrub : apply knuckle roller over the dark knuckles or dark areas on the hands, feet , elbow or knees 2x to 3 times daily morning and night repeatedly for 3 days straight. After the application Kindly wait for peeling effect to occur in a few more days it will look darker and the dark skin cells will die and prepare to flake off . For quicker removal of the excess skin use the lise salt scrub gentle to scrub the area every 2days. Once peeling has started apply the hand eraser lotion 2 to 3 times daily and especially at nite before bed.

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  • $40

    The lise knuckle roller oil helps to exfoliate dark knuckle and dark discoloration on hands , knees , knuckle and feet .


    It should be used for 4 days 3x a day and discontinued. kindly wait a few more day for peeling go commence .

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • $25

    Lise knuckle scrub helps to eliminate  discoloration on tough to respond areas of the skin. it helps to improve the skins texture on calloused or thick skin . Should be used after a lise knuckle roller or Lise spa knuckle treatment or for general hand maintenance use Lise eraser and knuckle scrub. Use on hands , feet ,elbows and knees.  Should Use Scrub every 2x a week.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

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Customer Reviews

Jennifer March 2022

Who would believe that the Lise 36Hr serum & Lise face repair cream would work in less than 24hours? All Acne and pimple spots already vanishing

Anu January 2020

I initially thought I couldn't afford it, but when i made up my mind and gave it a try, I have never stopped purchasing or run out of stock of the Lise Aronia luxury oil;
Lise face treatment cleanser

Debby January 2022

Freya Face Butter did the magic for me. Clearing all dark spots from my face