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  • $150

    Our luxury FACE KIT Line is the Aronia Collection. For fast brightening effects and a luminous skin experience . Fades spots, smoothens face, anti-aging.

    We recommend the Aronia luxury collection.  Get the goddess skin in just 7days guaranteed!

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • $135

    The Lise face treatment  kit is our best seller WORLDWIDE!!!

    Produced to help reduce breakouts, fades spots and helps eliminate severe acne.

    It repairs the skin by penetrating deep into your skin layers, while exfoliating dead skin cells clogging your pores and causing the breakouts. It detoxifies clogged pores, removes hyper-pigmentation, improves skin cells turnover, clears sunburns in just a week to 10days.
    Get the Spotless smooth baby face you’ve always wanted within 1 to 2weeks.

    Cystic acne
    Large pores


    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • $150

    The lise face kit is a life saver’

    Complete your face kit routine with our 5pcs face kit treatment set.

    It repairs the skin by exfoliating dead skin cells, detoxifies clogged pores, removes hyperpigmentation, skin cells turnover ,Clears sunburn’s in a Just week your face will be glad. 

    Acne scars and spots can be very annoying and takes a long time to treat and fade …we only care about your results and we made your recovery even faster than expected.

    Spotless smooth baby face with 1 to 2weeks of visible results. .

    For facial treatments ranging from















    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • $140

    Lise Freya face  treatment Kit GUARANTEES results by , removing hyper-pigmentation, acne treatments, spot free face and improves skin cells turnover ,more elasticity & Clears sunburn’s in a Just week your face will be glad. Get baby smooth flawless acne free face noticeable in as little as 7Days.

    Spotless smooth baby face within 7days .
    Large pores

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • $140

    Lise sunshine face cream is mostly recommended for individuals of caramel  to fair skin-tones with issues of acne , spots and hyper-pigmentation. This kit helps to eliminate the discoloration, spots, hormonal and also severe acne breakouts.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock

  • $135

    lise velvet collagen face kit consist of our best selection of face treatment products for an evened tone,smooth face and wrinkle reducing collagen face cream. It is non greasy,Moisturizes and easily absorbs into the skin. Contains UV Protection for lightening ,Spf50 ,clean, clear and smoother skin in just days. Infused with high levels of collagen which contains pure proteins that makes your skin firm & brighter. It cleanses out hyper pigmented on the skin and ultimately reduces wrinkles or dull skin. For ages 32 and up.

    AVAILABILITY: In stock


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Product Reviews

Lise Beauty Range

Customer Reviews

Jennifer March 2022

Who would believe that the Lise 36Hr serum & Lise face repair cream would work in less than 24hours? All Acne and pimple spots already vanishing

Anu January 2020

I initially thought I couldn't afford it, but when i made up my mind and gave it a try, I have never stopped purchasing or run out of stock of the Lise Aronia luxury oil;
Lise face treatment cleanser

Debby January 2022

Freya Face Butter did the magic for me. Clearing all dark spots from my face